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On December 3rd, we received a message from a mother in need. She and her four children were facing eviction. After battling through domestic violence, experiencing homelessness for quite some time earlier this year, finding a residence, and then losing employment due to the pandemic, the barriers continued to increase. She had now received a letter. January 4th was her court date, and without assistance, she and her children would be on the streets. Again.

Hours upon hours of phone calls, connecting with local and state organizations, filing for monetary assistance, and seeking employment opportunities, the burdens continued to grow. Her hope was wearing thin. In addition to these struggles, she also received a phone call from her medical doctor that an ultrasound revealed a mass. Facing surgery, confronting fears, overwhelmed with financial pressure, bills that could not be paid, this precious mom of our GLAM Girls reached out for help. She asked if there was anything that we could do to assist... to protect her family from finding themselves on the street.

The truth is, we cannot do this work alone. We cannot prevent evictions or offer hope without the support of our community. Desperate for solutions, to find assistance, we reached out to our Tribe. And through the generosity of community leaders, St. James United Methodist Church, and a whole tribe of women who graciously gave to Daughters of Worth for this fund, we were able to successfully intervene and stop this eviction!

Daughters of Worth is working with the mom to connect her with sustainable employment opportunities and support for her next steps. Yet, today, we pause to whisper gratitude to those who chose to step in, who chose to give, who chose to invest. Because of your gracious gifts, this family will not have to enter the courtroom on Monday. For this, we are so thankful. It has truly been a Christmas Miracle!

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Each year, Daughters of Worth provides hundreds of emergency hygiene bags to girls that we personally serve through GLAM Girls (Girls Living a Mission) mentorship, as well as in local schools for girls to have access to items in their time of need. As the pandemic has created significant hardship for many of the girls of our communities, the request for hygiene items continues to increase.

When Youth for Justice and Change learned that Daughters of Worth was launching a new emergency supply unit, specifically for hygiene items, school supplies, and socks, these youth wanted to be directly involved with the efforts. Within days of the emergency unit being secured and ready to stock, these phenomenal young leaders immediately went to work!

After holding a meeting to discuss how to raise the most needed items, these youth decided to partner with John Paul II Catholic High School, holding a supply drive within the school and also organizing a drive-by donation event. Through these two events, Youth for Justice and Change raised over 500 items for our new unit and provided more than $400 in donations for additional items needed.

It is only because of the support and generosity of our community and incredible partnerships such as this that Daughters of Worth is able to effectively serve the girls of our communities. Last year, Daughters of Worth provided 500 hygiene bags to girls throughout Eastern NC. As the pandemic continues to escalate the level of need within our communities, Daughters of Worth is now expecting and preparing to serve at least 1,000 girls with these necessary items throughout the 2020-21 school year.

When asked about the partnership with Daughters of Worth, Ella Holdeman,Vice President of Youth for Justice and Change stated, "Ms. Liz Liles with Daughters of Worth has supported our organization, and we wanted to show our gratitude by holding a hygiene supply drive in November. We raised over $400 and received hundreds of supplies. This Thanksgiving Youth for Justice and Change is thankful for our partnership with Daughters of Worth."

Youth for Justice and Change is a group of students who are concerned about the safety and equality of their peers. Their mission is to seek and promote justice and equality for all through service, empathy, and resolution.

Daughters of Worth is incredibly thankful for the gift of this partnership and for youth who are actively invested in the lives of others and making this community a better place for us all!

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For many families in NC, food insecurity is a constant struggle. According to NC Child, 22% of all children in Pitt County do not have enough food within their homes, and these statistics were provided before the pandemic afflicted our country.

As COVID-19 has placed many of our families without jobs or substantial time off work due to being sick or caring for family members, funding for Thanksgiving meals was simply another barrier to overcome. Yet, due to the extreme generosity of organizations, faithful leaders, and teens serving their community, 25 of our GLAM girls were able to receive Thanksgiving meals for their families!

Daughters of Worth is extremely thankful for Rebecca Caveness of the Winterville Chamber of Commerce, Rebecca Blount, Daughters of Worth Facilitator for CM Eppes Middle, Third Street Catering, and Melissa Blandford, Youth Volunteer Coordinator for Daughters of Worth for all making this effort possible. Through donations of Thanksgiving meals and personally delivering to our families in need, GLAM Girls and their families were able to truly enjoy this special holiday! It literally takes a tribe to Rise Up for the girls of our communities, and we are so incredibly thankful for each one who invests in her.

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