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African psychologist hold hands of girl patient, close up. Teenage overcome break up, unre
Empowering Survivors to find Hope for Their Lives and Freedom for Their Futures.

Her story is our passion.
Her future is our mission.
We exist Because She Matters.

Providing trauma-informed, comprehensive services for girls and women who are victims of violence, specifically human trafficking.

Our Services

Prevention Education:

GLAM (Girls Living a Mission)

Empowerment Sessions

in Select Schools

Victim/Survivor Services:

Safety Planning

Assisting survivors with safe exits from



Case Management

Emergency Support Services

Trauma-Informed Therapeutic Services

Documentation Recovery

Relocation Services

Care Coordination for Survivors

Outreach Services:

Pitt County Detention Center

Daughters of Worth Daytime

Drop-In Center


Girls (Elementary - 12th Grade)

*in participating schools


Girls/Women who are Victims of Violence 

(Any Age - Specifically Human Trafficking)

Volunteer, Participate, or Donate

There is a place for you to get involved and invest in the girls, young ladies, and women of our communities!

Complete an application today to begin the process!

We believe in the power of women of all ethnicity, all backgrounds, and all cultures rising up to empower the girls of our communities.

This is the Power of Her Tribe.

This is the Power of Daughters of Worth.

Her story is our passion. Her future is our mission.

We exist Because She Matters.


Join Us

Sponsor a GLAM Girl Today for only $20/month

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