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A Survivor's New Beginning!

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Frantic, she called Daughters of Worth. She needed help, and she needed help immediately. Her trafficker, abuser, had been harming her for years. Force feeding her drugs, selling her out for sex, beating and raping her repeatedly, daily, she had to get out. Not only for herself... but for her precious child, as well.

Courageously, she fled. She waited until it was safe for her to flee, and she left. But she needed help. He was actively searching for her, sending threats through her family and friends. He had a plan, and his plan was murder. She needed to get out, and she needed to be relocated as quickly as possible.

Our team immediately began to work to assist her with developing a safety plan. Through intentional, collaborative efforts, we were able to assist her with determining a long-term, trauma-informed safe space for herself and her daughter. Travel arrangements were made. Many conversations were held. She was absolutely terrified of what life would look like on the other side of freedom. Yet, she knew that this was an opportunity she could not afford to lose.

With tears flowing, hands shaking, she packed her bags into the back of my car and took this monumental step into her new beginning. She and her precious child buckled their seat belts and then took a long, deep breath. The journey was just beginning. The journey to a new found freedom.

In February 2022, Daughters of Worth launched the newest program, Women of Freedom. Through this program, girls and women of all ages who are victims of crime (specifically domestic violence and/or trafficking) are eligible for services through this initiative. Daughters of Worth provides emergency services support, advocacy, case management, care coordination, documentation recovery, trauma-informed mental health services, referrals for legal support, and referrals for survivor-led support groups.

Serving survivors of trafficking and/or domestic violence is incredibly expensive and requires the support of individuals, businesses, and the community to assist women who are exiting their traffickers and abusers. Providing emergency shelter, food, care coordination, and other necessary items for survivors costs on average anywhere between $500-$1500 to ensure they they are safe, sheltered, and cared for during this transitional period.

To support a survivor of trafficking or domestic violence, please visit and click on "Donate Now" to directly invest in the lives of these precious girls, young ladies, and women who are in need of emergency services and support.

Every dollar makes a difference.

Daughters of Worth is currently serving more than 20 survivors of trafficking.

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