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GLAM Girls Expands to Martin County Schools!

GLAM Girls, Girls Living a Mission, is one of the signature programs of Daughters of Worth. Through this initiative, girls in participating schools are provided with the opportunity to receive empowerment sessions twice per month, while also receiving access to advocacy, emergency services support, and trauma-informed mental health services, all completely free of charge. We are excited to share that GLAM Girls is now being offered at Riverside Middle School and Riverside High School in Martin County Schools!

This year's curriculum, Fearless and Free: Overcoming Fear and Insecurity to Create the Tomorrow of Your Dreams empowers girls to know their self worth, value their bodies, invest in healthy relationships, incorporate vision casting and goal setting in their daily lives, practice social media safety, and discover relevant and necessary coping skills in life. In addition, participants have the opportunity to earn prizes, recognition, and awards through academic achievement, adhering to the school attendance policy, engaging in the GLAM Girls sessions, demonstrating positive character traits, and improving or maintaining little to no disciplinary action.

Sessions include hands-on activities and crafts, group projects, journal reflections, authentic discussions, and a book club opportunity for teens. In addition, teen participants receive sessions that include trafficking prevention, substance use prevention, and red flags of dating violence.

GLAM Girls (Girls Living a Mission) is provided to 25 girls in each participating school, completely free of charge to the schools and the participants. This opportunity is made possible for participants through the individuals and businesses who invest in the girls of our communities by serving as a GLAM Girl sponsor for only $20/month or $250/year.

Daughters of Worth currently serves more than 500 girls (elementary-high school) in 25 locations throughout Pitt, Beaufort, and Martin County Schools.

To serve as a GLAM Girl sponsor, visit and click on Donate Now to sign up as a monthly sponsor! Daughters of Worth will highlight your sponsorship on the website, social media, as well as provide special opportunities for you and/or your business throughout the year for your support.

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