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Women of Freedom

Daughters of Worth is a survivor-led organization. Our team consists of women who have lived experiences in human trafficking and/or domestic violence. Therefore, we understand the fear, anxiety, and extreme barriers that a survivor encounters when she begins planning her escape.

It is our mission to ensure that she has the support and resources needed to achieve a safe exit, to find hope for her life and freedom for her future.

From the first phone call of seeking assistance to successful relocation, Daughters of Worth is committed to providing trauma-informed, comprehensive services for girls and women who are victims of violence, specifically human trafficking.

Our direct services include: safety planning, assistance with a safe escape, advocacy, case management, care coordination, emergency services (including food, shelter, medical care, transportation, hygiene products, clothing, etc.), documentation recovery, relocations, and mental health services. In addition, Daughters of Worth has a daytime drop-in center for vulnerable women to find safety, shelter, and support during the day.

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