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4:30 pm

Gary Johnson               Kara and Hunter Blount                Friends of Daughters of Worth

Jason & Gray Rackley      Mickey & Pat Bridgers            Pauline Ketchum

Melinda Fagundus           Melissa Blandford                   John Arnold               Leah Arnold

Amy Rogers                       Kim Harris           Jesse Peel                Laura Strabley

Debra Thompson         Makesha Blunt           Molly Holderman                 Rebecca Blount

Kia Hewett            April Briley     Charlene Silver       Maria Yost

Susan Rumble        Amanda Willis              Jane and John Rose                  Laura Phibbs

Tim Seckar       Positive Embraces       Mary Edwards      Anna Barrett Smith

Heather Stepp           Madeline Hilliard          Anonymous Sponsor               Molly Crider

Prebe's $5 Bling        Nancy Rogers         Nicole Davis         Emi McCall

Megan Nelson        Vickie Bergstedt           Cypress Glen              Kristie Overton Johnson

Michele Neuhoff         Missy Goldstein         Liz Liles

It literally takes a tribe to empower the girls of our communities through mentorship, advocacy, and meeting emergency needs. To each one who invests in Her, Thank You! Your partnership makes this work possible!

Daughters of Worth

We are a Tribe of Women RISING UP to Empower Her through Mentorship, Advocacy, Emergency Needs, and Girls Empowerment Events!

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Phone: 252-375-9712

Registered Charity: 47-4280419

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Daughters of Worth  exists to educate, equip, and empower girls of all ages to become strong women of influence in their communities.