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  • Liz Liles

There is a power when girls understand that their personality, strengths, talents, and skills have all been aligned towards her purpose in this world. As she begins to understand herself better, she is able to make choices in academics, as well as future career choices, that will best represent her intellect, interests, and life goals.

We are so thankful for our partnership with NENC Career Pathways to provide GLAM Girls with the opportunity to discover their path through the Traitify Personality Blend Assessment and learn what job opportunities best match their strengths and skills!

Through this assessment, GLAM Girl facilitators (mentors) will have the opportunity to work directly with their girls, discuss their results, and help them prepare for their future!

Daughters of Worth is committed to our mission of educating, equipping, and empowering girls of all ages to become strong women of influence in their communities. As she better understands who she is and what opportunities are available for her, she will be better prepared to cultivate the tomorrow of her dreams and serve others in a powerful way!

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  • Liz Liles

2020 has been an incredibly hard year for everyone - including the girls of our communities.

Within the past three months, Daughters of Worth has experienced 4 suicide attempts with the girls that we serve, and self-harm rates continue to rise as girls are experiencing isolation, abuse, and severe anxiety and depression. While we diligently seek to offer love, encouragement, and support for these precious girls and their families, it is also our desire to offer connection and resources to prevent self-harm for all girls.

Although we are unable to meet face to face for our empowerment GLAM Girls (Girls Living a Mission) sessions, Daughters of Worth continues to serve the girls of our communities through virtual meetings, personalized coaching/mentoring sessions, and meeting emergency needs at the level of the need.

Seeking to connect with the girls that we serve, as well as providing a support base and encouragement for girls who are not currently registered with our organization, Daughters of Worth has now extended a few sessions each month to any girl (elementary - college) who wishes to join the conversation.

On November 12, Rachel Cringoli, Registered Nurse and Life Coach, met with us on Zoom to share practical methods and tips for overcoming anxiety and stress. Leading us through a few breathing and stretching activities in the very beginning, the girls were able to find relaxation and peace within the first few minutes.

Questions such as, "How do I handle panic attacks when I take a test?" and "My personality has changed since we have been in quarantine. Is this normal?," among many others were able to be answered for questioning girls.

Throughout the conversation, participants were taught how to resist negative thoughts and emotions through practical thoughts, movements, and breathing. They were encouraged to seek help and ask for support when they need it. Positive affirmations were practiced, and the value of taking care of yourself, including setting healthy boundaries were all discussed.

It is the mission of Daughters of Worth to provide a safe haven of support, connection, and trust, so that the girls we serve can find a space to not only celebrate themselves, find assistance when needed, but also share their journey with others. We are thankful for leaders such as Rachel Cringoli, who are willing to invest in our beautiful girls and not only offer wisdom and guidance for today, but provide hope and resources for a brighter tomorrow for the girls we serve.

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  • Liz Liles

As we enter into this season of gratitude, Daughters of Worth celebrates this new beginning for our sweet girls and their family!

For many of us, home is our safe place. The space that we look forward to coming back to at the end of the day and waking up to in the morning. The place that we find our rest, comfort, and joy. The place where we welcome children into our arms, enjoy meals together, and find a safe haven from the world.

Yet, for many families in America, their reality looks quite different. For many families, there isn't a safe space or a place of comfort and rest to call their own. For some, it may look like dividing up family to live in numerous places due to not having shelter. For others, it may look like living in a car or sleeping in a park. For some, it may look like sleeping on couches or staying with relatives or friends for an extended time. For others, it may come in the form of residing at a shelter.

When Daughters of Worth learned that our girls had been forced to flee from their home in the middle of the night due to gang violence and circumstances beyond their control, our tribe immediately stepped up to serve. From providing food, school supplies, and assisting with the cost for a motel, we diligently worked to offer safety and support for this precious family.

As the pandemic impacted the family's employment, unemployment checks were not received for weeks on end, and Daughters of Worth had exhausted the emergency funds for shelter, we were all uncertain as to the next step to take. Seven children needed a space to live, food to eat, clothes to wear, and the basic living experience that most of us have (and often take for granted.) To be completely transparent, our hearts were completely wrecked as we were diligently seeking to help this family find sustainability for themselves.

Our prayers for a miracle were answered! In September, Daughters of Worth received a phone call from an anonymous donor who had a heart and passion to serve a family experiencing homelessness. Without hesitation, I immediately shared that, "Yes, we have a family. They need help... Right Now!"

Immediately, this donor began to work to bring this family into safety and to ensure that the children had their needs met. Through their generous gift and partnership, Daughters of Worth has been able to successfully transition this family from a one bedroom motel into a home where each child has a space to sleep, eat, rest, and learn. The yard is expansive, allowing the little ones to run and play! This gift of generosity has truly shifted the entire trajectory for this family.

Because of this extreme generosity and support, Daughters of Worth is now able to directly serve the family, providing mentorship for the girls, as well as working directly with the family unit to generate financial sustainability on their own.

At Daughters of Worth, we understand that we cannot truly speak into the true worth and value of our beautiful girls when they have unmet basic needs. It is our heart and mission to ensure that every girl has the resources that she needs to truly cultivate the tomorrow of her dreams. As we are able to assist her with basic needs and ensure that she is safe and protected, we are then positioned to speak into her soul - for the matters of the heart.

Throughout 2020, Daughters of Worth has had the privilege to assist 11 girls with shelter and utilities and more than 100 girls with food.

According to the US Department of Education, during the 2017-18 school year, an estimated 28,903 public school students experienced homelessness over the course of the year.

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