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Overcoming Anxiety & Stress

2020 has been an incredibly hard year for everyone - including the girls of our communities.

Within the past three months, Daughters of Worth has experienced 4 suicide attempts with the girls that we serve, and self-harm rates continue to rise as girls are experiencing isolation, abuse, and severe anxiety and depression. While we diligently seek to offer love, encouragement, and support for these precious girls and their families, it is also our desire to offer connection and resources to prevent self-harm for all girls.

Although we are unable to meet face to face for our empowerment GLAM Girls (Girls Living a Mission) sessions, Daughters of Worth continues to serve the girls of our communities through virtual meetings, personalized coaching/mentoring sessions, and meeting emergency needs at the level of the need.

Seeking to connect with the girls that we serve, as well as providing a support base and encouragement for girls who are not currently registered with our organization, Daughters of Worth has now extended a few sessions each month to any girl (elementary - college) who wishes to join the conversation.

On November 12, Rachel Cringoli, Registered Nurse and Life Coach, met with us on Zoom to share practical methods and tips for overcoming anxiety and stress. Leading us through a few breathing and stretching activities in the very beginning, the girls were able to find relaxation and peace within the first few minutes.

Questions such as, "How do I handle panic attacks when I take a test?" and "My personality has changed since we have been in quarantine. Is this normal?," among many others were able to be answered for questioning girls.

Throughout the conversation, participants were taught how to resist negative thoughts and emotions through practical thoughts, movements, and breathing. They were encouraged to seek help and ask for support when they need it. Positive affirmations were practiced, and the value of taking care of yourself, including setting healthy boundaries were all discussed.

It is the mission of Daughters of Worth to provide a safe haven of support, connection, and trust, so that the girls we serve can find a space to not only celebrate themselves, find assistance when needed, but also share their journey with others. We are thankful for leaders such as Rachel Cringoli, who are willing to invest in our beautiful girls and not only offer wisdom and guidance for today, but provide hope and resources for a brighter tomorrow for the girls we serve.

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