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Partnering with NC Works

Daughters of Worth believes in the power of the girls of our communities. It is our mission to educate, equip, and empower girls of all ages to become strong women of influence in their communities, and through this new partnership with NC Works, we can now serve our girls more fully!

This year, Daughters of Worth GLAM Girls (Girls Living a Mission) are discovering the power of their strengths, personalities, skills set, and talents. They are learning how they have the ability to cultivate the tomorrow of their dreams through vision casting, goal setting, and investing in their own selves. As we seek to empower her to create the future that she desires, we are thankful to partner with NC Works to fulfill this vision in a larger way.

Working directly with girls that we refer, NC Works is committed to equipping youth of Eastern NC with job readiness training, acquiring certifications and licensure to equip them for their career, and offering employment opportunities. Within the past few months, Daughters of Worth has already referred 5 girls to NC Works. An online event is currently being planned to provide the opportunity for all girls, ages 16-24, including those who are not enrolled with Daughters of Worth to join the conversation and learn about the opportunities available through this phenomenal organization! Details will be announced soon.

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