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A Christmas Miracle: An Eviction Stopped.

On December 3rd, we received a message from a mother in need. She and her four children were facing eviction. After battling through domestic violence, experiencing homelessness for quite some time earlier this year, finding a residence, and then losing employment due to the pandemic, the barriers continued to increase. She had now received a letter. January 4th was her court date, and without assistance, she and her children would be on the streets. Again.

Hours upon hours of phone calls, connecting with local and state organizations, filing for monetary assistance, and seeking employment opportunities, the burdens continued to grow. Her hope was wearing thin. In addition to these struggles, she also received a phone call from her medical doctor that an ultrasound revealed a mass. Facing surgery, confronting fears, overwhelmed with financial pressure, bills that could not be paid, this precious mom of our GLAM Girls reached out for help. She asked if there was anything that we could do to assist... to protect her family from finding themselves on the street.

The truth is, we cannot do this work alone. We cannot prevent evictions or offer hope without the support of our community. Desperate for solutions, to find assistance, we reached out to our Tribe. And through the generosity of community leaders, St. James United Methodist Church, and a whole tribe of women who graciously gave to Daughters of Worth for this fund, we were able to successfully intervene and stop this eviction!

Daughters of Worth is working with the mom to connect her with sustainable employment opportunities and support for her next steps. Yet, today, we pause to whisper gratitude to those who chose to step in, who chose to give, who chose to invest. Because of your gracious gifts, this family will not have to enter the courtroom on Monday. For this, we are so thankful. It has truly been a Christmas Miracle!

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Oniseia Daniels
Oniseia Daniels
Mar 09, 2021

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