• april.png

    April Briley

    AG Cox Middle Facilitator

    "I love serving as a facilitator because it allows me the opportunity to help fulfill the mission of Daughters of Worth to educate, equip, and empower girls."

  • IMG_2923.JPG

    Carolyn McGinn

    AG Cox Middle Facilitator

    "I got involved with Daughters of Worth in order to give back to the girls of our community. What I get from these incredible young ladies is far far more that I ever give. My life is greatly enriched by knowing and being with these precious ladies."

  • Christie James.jpeg

    Christie James

    Girls of Independence Facilitator

    "I love helping young women realize the power that resides within them."

  • Daria Mitsos(1).jpg

    Daria Beddard

    Belvoir Elementary Facilitator

    "When we can empower the girls in our communities to be strong, bold, educated, and confident, we are paving the pathway for a better future.  I love that I can have a part of this and know that I'm helping make the difference." 

  • faith overton.jpg

    Faith Overton

    Martin County Schools Facilitator

    "I am passionate about serving at Daughters of Worth because I believe empowered women should be empowering women."

  • Georgia Childs.jpg

    Georgia Childs

    Ayden Grifton High School Facilitator

    "Being a facilitator allows me to empower young women to become strong, healthy, and successful women who are ready to take on the world! They are truly the ones who will determine our future, and I am thankful for the opportunity to be a part of their journey and growth."

  • jenn.jpg

    Jenn Wood

    PS Jones Middle Facilitator

    An advocate, servant leader, and a trained GLAM Girl Facilitator, Jenn serves the girls of our communities through many facets of the organization. She is excited to be a part of Daughters of Worth and impacting the girls of our communities, ensuring that every girl knows her worth.

  • Jillian Anthony.jpg

    Jillian Anthony

    WH Robinson Facilitator

    Jillian is excited to be a trained GLAM Girls Facilitator with Daughters of Worth and is currently working to partner with WH Robinson Elementary to bring GLAM Girls to this school!

  • Screenshot_20200816-220451_Photos(1).jpg

    Julie Fagundus

    Washington High School Facilitator

    "Daughters of Worth is an amazing organization that I feel so grateful to be a part of. Being a facilitator has given me the opportunity to not only positively impact our community, but learn from the amazing young girls that are a part of this program. They have truly been a blessing to me."

  • Kendya Reddick.jpg

    Kendya Reddick

    Ayden Middle Facilitator

    "True leaders understand that leadership is not about them but about those they serve. I’m passionate about serving the girls of our communities because they deserve it! Everybody needs somebody and I want to be that for the young ladies being served."

  • laqualla.jpg

    Laqualla Owens

    Wellcome Middle Facilitator

    "I'm passionate about being a confidante for girls and teaching them to shine in who they are."

  • IMG_20200809_150050_009.jpg

    Latisha Moore

    Washington High School Facilitator

    "Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right." - Henry Ford

    "I love helping these young girls realize that greatness is within them."

  • dowlogo2.png

    Latoya Joyner

    South Greenville Facilitator

    Latoya is a facilitator for South Greenville, and this is her first year serving with Daughters of Worth! She is excited about connecting with these beautiful girls and inspiring them to live out their full potential.

  • leah.jpg

    Leah Little

    Ayden Elementary Facilitator

    "I want to help young ladies discover their strengths! Our inner strength is one of the greatest powers we possess. Sometimes we just need someone to help show us it exists."

  • lori.jpg

    Lori Moore

    JH Rose High Facilitator

    "I support Daughters of Worth because I have watched young ladies who start out in vulnerable positions, and after being shown unconditional love and support,

    they become very confident."

  • IMG_3129(1).JPG

    Maria Yost

    SW Snowden Facilitator

    "Serving as a facilitator with Daughers of Worth is all about love and service. As a woman and a leader, I know that the next generation of women leaders will be developed and empowered by my gift of service  and my heart full of love."

  • dowlogo2.png

    Mary Edwards

    Girls of Independence Facilitator

    "Sometimes you see an organization carrying out a mission and you're given a heart calling to connect to the organization. Daughters of Worth is my heart calling. Daughters of Worth values and loves girls who come from a myriad of community spaces and empowers them to become tour next generation of phenomenal women."

  • Wear blue day.jpg

    Melinda Sampson

    DH Conley High Facilitator

    "Being a facilitator at Daughters of Worth is an honor of a lifetime. I am given the opportunity to get to know amazing young women striving to become the best that they can be. To be a part of that journey with them and to be given the chance to help them work toward their dreams is one of the most rewarding things I have been able to do in my life."

  • Melissa Blandford website pic.jpg

    Melissa Blandford

    Volunteer Coordinator

    "Serving with Daughters of Worth has been an unbelievable experience! Knowing that we are serving girls in our own community and being able to share this work with my own daughter has made this journey truly priceless."

  • mia.jpg

    Mia Tanyag

    Ayden Middle Facilitator

    "I love being a facilitator for Daughters of Worth because I get to see these beautiful young girls recognize their potential, visualize their dreams, and make plans to achieve them. We, ladies, are capable of amazing things, and I am excited to see the incredible things my girls will do!"

  • michele2.jpg

    Michele Marston

    Middle School (Virtual) Facilitator

    "As a former young teen from violent, homeless, and non-traditional circumstances, I want to make certain I am there to support other females on their journey. Life is not always easy, but it can always get better."

  • narika.jpg

    Narika Monroe

    CM Eppes Middle Facilitator

    Narika is a facilitator for CM Eppes. This is her first year volunteering with Daughters of Worth, and she is excited about being a part of an organization that is empowering the next generation of women leaders!

  • nichelle.jpg

    Nichelle Shuck

    Ayden Grifton High Facilitator

    "It's an honor to serve on the Board of Directors of Daughters of Worth, but to serve directly as a facilitator is truly a life changing opportunity. I believe in the mission. I believe that She Matters. She matters to you, me, our community, and our future. This work is honestly lives changing for the better - Because She Matters."

  • rebecca.jpg

    Rebecca Blount

    CM Eppes Facilitator

    Rebecca is a facilitator for CM Eppes. This is her first year serving with Daughters of Worth, and she is excited to begin this jew journey!

  • reneecarter_edited.jpg

    Renee Carter

    JH Rose High Facilitator

    "I love helping these beautiful young ladies realize their dreams and aspirations are attainable. Experiencing them fulfill their goals and create the life of their dreams makes my heart so happy to be a part of this."

  • IMG_0704.jpg

    Sarah Helms

    High School Virtual Facilitator

    "I feel so blessed to be where I am today, and I have so much gratitude for the many people who have helped me along the journey to get here. It is truly an honor and a privilege to be able to walk alongside our girls."

  • 20200817_051316_edited_edited.jpg

    Stephanie Pridgen

    Lakeforest Elementary Facilitator

    Stephanie is a first year facilitator with Lake Forest Elementary and is looking forward to this exciting journey of serving as a mentor to these incredible young ladies!

  • 20201003_112605.jpg

    Tiffany Hudson

    Northwest Elementary Facilitator

    "I love knowing that I might play a small role in building the confidence of a future leader "

  • Desha.jpg

    Desha Lane


    Desha has served with Daughters of Worth, mentoring both elementary and high school girls through GLAM Girls! She is dedicated to the young ladies of our community and is thankful to be a part of an organization that advocates for girls of all backgrounds, ethnicity, and cultures.

  • Holly Pate.jpeg

    Holly Pate

    Nash County Schools Facilitator

    Holly is passionate about the work of Daughters of Worth and sees the importance of ensuring that every girl knows her worth and has a tribe to support her through the journey. She is excited to be a part of the work of bringing GLAM Girls to her own county!

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